Got a really nice rain yesterday morning.  Got a smooth 1 1/2″.  Hadn’t had a rain like that in a long time.  Coupled with all of the snow melt, we are plum muddy around here.  Not complaining.  Starting to see some life to wheat scattered around the area.  

     We’ve got Dozer the Duroc showing at Woodward District today.  Then he has an appointment Tuesday morning for his final show–at the Gage Locker.  Goats show tomorrow.  This should be a way, wicked wether show.  Lots of good goats in this area.  

     I sheared a couple of wethers yesterday, with several to do today.  I look at a lot of sheared wethers and wonder how can somebody screw up shearing a goat?  But most do.  They leave skips, lines, hair in their arm pits, crotch, back of heads, etc.  Some of them look like they used a hatchet to clip their goats.  It’s like mowing the lawn, back and forth, don’t leave any skips.  If you need to get out a weedeater to get in to tighter places, then use a smaller set of clippers.  Pick a leg up and make places more accessible.  Go over them numerous times to make sure that you blend lines and don’t leave skips.  Have a light shining so that you can see what you are doing.  

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