Goats are all picked up. All the hair is pulled and goats are to their new homes. Tulsa nominations are done. One deadline down, time to take a deep breath. My feed bill just got smaller yesterday. Had quite a bit of traffic here at our little piece of paradise yesterday evening. Got several plates of cookies, got a jar of sand plum jelly and a jar of sand plum wine. I was warned that the alcohol content might be a little high, so I’m going to hold off a day or three before I sample that.

I bought a Book wether online the other day. Got him picked up Saturday. Really good wether. I had bought him sight unseen, but had talked to several about him. They didn’t steer me wrong. I cut a finger trying to open Cecil’s homemade popper guillotene gate latch. Then that evening, while trying to catch him in the trailer, the wether jumped and hit me in the face, bent my glasses and bruised my right eye socket. On Sunday, I cut my other hand while cutting an ear tag out on this same damn goat. Then, while carrying him to the pickup, he blew up and kicked the shit out of me and his hoof cut me on my fat roll. It’s a good thing the goat is good, or I might have lost my temper.

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