So many questions regarding what to feed.  What is the best feed?  What additives do we need?  Which additive will do this and what will do that?  What drench do we need?

It isn’t what you feed, it’s how you feed it.  Make sure you use a high quality feed (regardless of brand).  There are numerous different brands of feed that will work.  The feed needs to have a proper calcium to phosphorous ratio and it needs to have ammonia chloride in the ration.  Clean water, a consistent high quality feed and consistent feed times is more important than brand.  Make sure that they have access to salt.  Hay is also needed, in small quantities.

There is no legal miracle feed additive.  Some additives work real well on one animal but not on others.  From an ag teacher point of view, it is hard for me to recommend many additives.  It can be hard to justify spending hundreds on a bucket or two of feed additives, when the animal didn’t cost much.  However, if I think a given additive will help, I’ve been known to just buy it myself.

The most common asked question that I hear, that you hear or that we see on book face is….what additive will give more top shape/butt, make muscle, give muscle pop, etc.?   To start with, muscle needs to be in the genetics.

Regarding additives, talk to breeders and other trusted advisors that have experience.  The more fat cover that a given animal has can determine what feed additive is needed, if any.

Same can be said for drenches.  Over the years, I’ve used Refresh, gold dust, 4Sure, Gatorade, my favorite has always been Crusade but the most consistent and best drench that I have ever encountered–water.  Yes, straight water.


Luckily, while sitting in teacher meetings, I took a look at my driver’s license.  Thank goodness!  My CDL expires at the end of this month.  So, I headed to the DMV to see what hoops I need to jump through in order to get it renewed.  Well, they are booked up with appointments until mid September.  But there is a 30 day grace period.  If I want to come without an appointment, I need to be there by 8 am and no later than 10:30 am as they won’t deal with walk-ins after 10:30.  I must wear a mask.  I have to have an original birth certificate or a valid passport PLUS I have to a proof of residency (some document with my physical address on it…an electrical bill or hey, yeah, a farm tax # will work.

All of this to get a new ID card that is replacing the ID card that this same department issued to me just a couple of years ago.  I’m fine with it all.

I just wish that we needed this much documentation when it comes time to VOTE!

People, have a good one and a better tomorrow.  We start school today.  Hopefully, we can stay in school.  And for whatever it is worth, I hope the Big 12, ACC and SEC pull off this football season.  It is just a matter of principle.

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