Regardless of species, structure should be a priority when sorting livestock.  Structural correctness, adequate bone, etc.  Some genetics/farms, you know that they may or may not have enough bone.  Other genetics have hind wheel issues, while others need to be leveler hipped or better in their chest floor.  No matter where, structure should be the first sort factor.  Square on their feet and legs, clean chested, smooth fronted, level hipped while tracking out properly on all four feet and legs along with adequate bone.

     The current fad is to have as much bone as possible.  I like the looks of a heavy boned animal, but it will also bring other problems.  Anytime you start adding bone and squareness of hip, then you start making them wider skulled, bolder ribbed, wider shouldered and in turn you start having problems at birth.  You will start pulling more kids and having more c-sections done.  We’ve seen it in cattle and hogs, and we will see it in the goats as more and more breeders are searching for more bone and base width.

     Some genetics seem to gain bone as they mature.  If they have enough at 3 months, they will have plenty at market weight.  Some breeders want them to hit the ground with sequoyah type trunks and then hope they gain more bone as they mature.  What is the answer?  As always, a happy medium.  Keep your females in the middle of the road and add bone, base width and power with the bucks.