We hadn’t been as wet as some goat herders, but we haven’t been dry.  Now, we are bonafide wet.  It has rained here 4 of the last 5 days.  Not a lot of rain, but enough.  Yesterday brought a pile of wind, some hail, rain and tornado warnings.  We had a basement full of kids as there was some on their way home from Woodward and this was a close shelter through the storm.  It is a little weird watching the weather news and recognizing the scenes on the screen.  Fortunately, no damage.  

But, with all of the rain, here comes the shits.  There has to be a scientific reason why a goat shits all over the place when it rains.  It starts to rain and some doe goes splunhkz all over the place.  I watch the weather forecast and when it shows rain is coming, I think to myself “Better check the spectam supply and the sulfa boluses.”         Now, lets think about this.  Old Noah had two of all of those animals on board that ark.  That included two goats.  And it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.  I guarantee you that every passenger on that floating zoo was ready to chunk those two goats overboard.  

Every time it rains, it pours out the ass of some goat.