I normally don’t bring a whole lot of work stuff into this blog.  I see my job and goats as seperate deals, even though a lot of my customers just so happen to show goats.  But, a lot of work stuff, everyday life stuff and goat stuff all ties together from time to time.  

     Anybody that has dealt with me in the past two months is well aware of the mission that I have been on to hire more service techs.  I have decided that they are like hay, get all of it that you can, because you will need more in months to come.

     Last Thursday, I hired a service tech over the phone while I was at Tulsa.  He is from Beaumont, Texas.  Showed up in Woodward, Ok in a ’96 cadillac with his tools and went to work on Friday.  Now, we have stories.  Stories that involve:  a tent, 9.8 mile walks to work, impounds, divorce, insurance, McDonald’s, no cash, me spending personal money and it looks like this cat is the real deal.  This is a heck of a story.  I just don’t have the ending yet.  I can tell you this much;  either I will be paying him well in a year or so or he will no longer be working for us.  I hope for the first one.  I’m just telling you that there is already a couple of chapters of a book being written.  

     It is really rare that the Dragon Lady can trump any of my stories.  You see, she quit retirement last week (quitter) and  started a new job last week that is tied to the oilfield.  I don’t want to go into depth on her job either.  But she came home with job related stories from today that involve: recovering meth addict, original teeth, doggie door, pet duck, guineas in the house, spastic, basset hound, hyper, gunshot…wait a second, honey, did you say “pet duck?”  

     All I know, is that it is hard to compete with a pet duck.  

      How does this all relate to the goat world?  It’s actually simple.  

1–If you want the top of the line stuff, then you better order a year in advance.

2–Hay, mechanics, good/cheap goats–get all of them that you can get your hands on.  You will always wish that you had more of them.  

3–The harder you work, the more success you will have, no matter the endeavor that you are chasing.  

4–It’s hard to find good people that want to work and when you find them, take care of them.  

5–You can question the cost but the more you pay, the fewer questions you have to ask as they will answer themselves.  


Which leads to this question?  Is it about the money?  

No and No.  But, yes.  WTF?

      I’m a little different than some, but I like the wal-mart deal.  I would rather make a little on every sale and keep you as a repeat customer.  No, I don’t need to make a pile on every sale (goats or equipment).  Move inventory and don’t pay interest.  No, for me, it isn’t about making a pile of money.  However, if Western or the Dragon Lady ever kicks me to the curb, then you will see me cashing a check. 

      And the other NO?  Because you better make some money, it is about paying people what they are worth.  If you deal with somebody that makes things better, pay them.  A top shelf mechanic is almost priceless.  A good employee is cheaper to over-pay than to hire several half-asses to try to replace that one good one and spend the time to find a good replacement.  You can’t make money, in any business, without good ones.  If you are showing, then you need good ones.   And good ones will normally cost you.  In other words, it is possible to spend more in order to make more.  Goats or jobs….it applies to both.

     Is it about the money?  For me?  The answer is no.  I wish I made some money with these goats, but I really just want to break even.  Sometimes, you have to pay it forward and help somebody out.  Like a boomerang, you hope that the goodness will come back.  It’s gotten to the point where I now ask Tammy about a stupid stunt and she agrees.  Doesn’t say much for her intelligience if she agrees with me.  

     Yes, it has to be about the money.  Everybody’s hobby, past-time, addiction is going to cost money.  A person needs to know, ahead of time, what it will cost them.

     A lot of these posts are proof that I like a good story.  Some of them make some readers go “Wait, is that SOB talking about me?”  Some of these deals make some scared of me even though they haven’t met me.  Some posts make my parents wonder what went wrong.  I can tell you this much.  It is hard to write this crap and keep it clean.  Much like a movie, the real thing is always better.

       Wait.  For real?  A pet duck that chases the basset hound?