Still here!

We didn’t have any tornadoes right close to the Kelln piece of paradise. Tammy and I watched the multiple tornadoes on the ground near Waynoka. It was kind of wierd watching the tv and knowing whose land it was on. That, and the fact that only hours earlier, Duke and I had been there. Luckily, no one lost anything. This is the first time that I liked text messaging. I was able to text numerous people to check on them and they replied. Some of the responses were off the hook funny. I’m still laughing at a picture of a lady with a bicycle helmet and a cold beverage.

I fell asleep about 10:30. Tammy woke me up about 11:30 and said “David Litzenberger called and told us to get to watching these storms. They are headed our way.”

As it neared Woodward, I was pretty quiet, which is somewhat unusual for me. As the storm chasers gave their locations, I knew exactly where they were. Luckily for us, this tornasty was on the opposite side of town from Western Equipment and from almost all of the employees. Although, Mandy, our secretary, lived only 3 blocks away from the devastation. Her family and home was fine. I have an aunt & uncle that live only 1/2 mile from where the tornasty touched down. They slept through it all. Probably the way to go through life. If you don’t know, there is nothing to be scared of.

The movie theater that was demolished holds a lot of memories for me. I saw the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on those screens. Kela and I watched Star Wars–episode 1 there. Not to mention the Naked Gun, Major League and Batman. Oh well, they can rebuild all of that. It’s kind of like showing and college, I have the memories.

I didn’t know anything about the tornasty touching down near Arnett. This is Tammy’s hometown. Nobody was hurt, but we have since learned of friends who lost barns, vehicles and equipment. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

The weather people called this storm a week ahead of time. They just didn’t know where it was going to hit. I am happy that the people I know weren’t hurt. However, I do feel for those that lost loved ones. Houses, buildings, cars and equipment can all be replaced. That’s why they sell insurance. People, on the other hand can’t. I’m not a warm, fuzzy person, but I never like to hear about anything happening to kids.

Pray for the people that lost family and friends. Pray that you were safe. Pray that we are done with this crap for awhile. We wanted rain. We got it, along with the other crap Mother Nature can deal out.

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