Inbred, linebred, stacking genetics, etc. Whatever you want to call it. Linebreeding goes on a lot in the stock show industry. Sometimes it works, sometimes it is as screwed up as a pile of coat hangers. Mike Kelly has obviously perfected the art of stacking 900 genetics. Some of them don’t look like they should work (Smokestack) but have thrown some really good kids.

I was recently spewing wisdom that I thought the 191 genetics could be stacked. I have a Joe Dirt daughter due to Joe Dirt in a week or two as an experiment. My theory was that the 900 was already stacked 3 times in Animal. Then 191’s momma was a full sister to Bingo. Joe Dirt’s momma was a Festus. A lot of Helms’ goats are 191 on a S100 daughter. S100 is an El Comandante. By having the Bingo, Festus and/or S100 genetics in there, you are bringing in a pile of maternal characteristics, structural correctness and overall balance. I had convinced myself that this would work and work well.

Then I go to Quitiquae,Tx to look at wethers. Kenneth shows us the buck prospects and there is a tag 507X that I love. He is a 191 back on a 191/100 daughter. Bingo, there he is and he’s good. Square made, smooth, bone, power, balance and an overall good look. Is he for sale? Not on that day. But yes, he’s going to be in the online sale. This is a buck that because of the stacked genetics, should work really well as an outcross if somebody doesn’t already have some 191 in their herd. Or it may work to stack them again if you already have a dose of 191. I don’t need another buck and I dang sure don’t won’t to spend any cash right now, but that prospect has my wheels spinning.

Nevertheless, I would bet that there are going to be several sets of double dirty babies around our place next season. It may work, it may not. But, we’ll find out.

Had a butt load of wind last night. Very little rain with it, but the wind was BRUTAL for a short period of time. Thankfully no damage. Just some wet feed in the feed troughs. It is amazing how a few leftover pellets of feed can swell up exponentially.

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