Sometimes…I know

     Sometimes, I sit down to this blog and I don’t have a clue what to write but I feel like I need to write something.  Kind of like when you sit down in a gas station bathroom stall.  You really don’t want to be there and you don’t know what to write, but you feel obligated.  You know, something along the lines of “Here I sit all broken hearted, tried to….”    

      And sometimes, I know exactly what I want to write.  

      Here goes.  I’ve bragged on my help before.  But, simply put, I’ve got great help.  Probably(most likely) the best.  The Dragon Lady is better than most at all of this.  She just doesn’t want to be in charge.  She and I are trying to stay awake right now, as we have to take the employee-of-the-month, DUKE, to meet the school bus that is headed to the airport.  He is headed to the national TSA contest in Washington DC.  His team will compete later this week.  I need his help around here, but I am proud of him and his cohorts.  Wish them luck.  

      No joking, but Duke has been great help around here lately.  I’ve had help from Braden all summer.  Brucey and I have washed and dried more goats in the past 2 months than what we have ever done in any single year.  Let me tell you, I saw the big boy pull a very athletic manuever catching an escapee wether today.  IMPRESSIVE–speed, agility, I mean, scary quick for a short distance.  And speaking of pulling something.  I bet he is sore tomorrow.  

      And then sometimes, I / We wonder why we do this?  Crappy mothers, destructive does, bad weather, high feed costs, problems, problems and more problems.  But then, you have a young person come to pick up their newest animal project.  You tell them which one is theirs and eyes light up, she looks you right in the eye as she claps her hands and says “I was hoping that I could have that one!  I can’t believe it.  Thank you.”  And then you remember that it isn’t all about making money but it IS about seeing the next generation learn about livestock/ag/ life, etc.  Pass it on.  Help a kid now and they will help others in years to come.  

     Most of the time, I know that I am right.  But, then there are times that I am proven right.  Sometimes….well, you just know.