Smells like….

  a genius or just a dang publicist.  

     I watched the bcs championship game with the Dragon Lady.  I was hoping Notre Dame had a chance, but I was wrong.  When Brent Musburger went all nuts over the Alabama QB’s girlfriend, I had two, okay, maybe three thoughts.  1) He seems a little over-zealous  2)Yeah, she’s hot and 3)that QB’s mom looks pretty good too.

I found it interesting how quickly this chick caught a twitter buzz.  I also remember the hot chick that Musburger made famous before–Jenn Sterger.  This isn’t new info–just interesting.  I remember worthless info and if I’m found guilty of liking good looking women, well, charge me.  I have no problem with these women finding acclaim for being on camera or taking advantage of it. 

All of the above brings me to this point.  I listen to XM radio–80s, hair nation, blue collar comedy and espn.  I don’t want to think, or listen to false or biased news when I’m on the road.  But when the Ray Lewis story broke yesterday about the deer antler velvet spray being a banned NFL substance, I did think–BullSH…  I would like to use my daily language, but there are some decent people that read this blog…my mom and daughter included.  Feel free to insert any 4 letter words that you deem appropriate.  But anyways, I thought why would they do this, right now, right before the Super Bowl?  Ray Lewis is an injured future hall of famer that is retiring.  Therefore, the NFL can’t suspend him IF it is a banned substance.  Because he is a future hall of famer, he brings street cred.  No other football games this week.  Captive audience.  Huge crowd of reporters, all looking for a story.  So, they have a publicist put this crap out there, Lewis denounces the reporter as not being worth the press, then he cashes a check, and the swats (we never heard of them before this deal) cashes an even bigger check for making a deer antler velvet spray that is supposed to work miracles.  Go to their website, if you can.  I did yesterday.  Now, it is unreachable.  On Monday, it was on over-night shipment of this deer antler velvet spray.  On Tuesday evening after the story broke,  the website said “Due to tremendous response from recent publicity there is now a 25 day wait for this product”.  Now, the server is crashed from over-use.  I read the website before it crashed and I had a thought of “does this stuff test in a goat and does it work?”  You know what?  I’m sure it is like every other additive.  Spend more money in the beginning and buy a better goat.  Plus, it isn’t worth it if it does test positive.  

     You can’t come up with this kind of advertising package.  Which is my point?  These deals all smell like a publicist had a genius idea.  And it worked.

     What is the price to get Musburger to point you out in the crowd?  I don’t know, but it is worth it.  

This social media/ instant media creates an amazing buzz.  I am WELL aware of what a couple of pics of tag 2174 caused on facebook and what it will make a little goat cost..  There was more kind of rumours, bs, truths, half truths and just general buzz after this goat was lot #1 and then wasn’t lot #1 .  Where’d he go, what’d he cost, who has him?  I know the answeres to all of the above.  The scary thing about this deal was that there wasn’t a publicist behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings.  Wait?  What if Joe Ed Helms was the mastermind behind all of that facebook stuff on the goat that was to become Rumour Has It?  Cool.  At this point, my reply is “Money well spent.”  I would imagine that Katherine Webb, Jenn Sterger and the SWATS people would all agree that theirs was money well spent too.    

     Hhmmm?   What would it be worth for somebody in the know to publicize goats on a certain blog and when people called asking questions about where to find a buck, doe, wether, whatever, to steer them in a certain direction?  Is such a thing possible?  Who could pull this off?  Somebody needs a publicist.  

   At times, I feel like Lloyd and Harry at the end of “Dumb and Dumber”.  


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