Skull Thoughts

Basically, if you give me just a bit of time, thoughts go rolling through my skull.  And since I am rather thick headed (thanks to paternal genetics), some thoughts just keep bouncing off the inside of my skull.

“I’m your huckleberry.”  I love that movie.  I never saw it in a movie theater, even though it is right in my age genre.  But I thoroughly enjoy watching the movie “Tombstone”.  It is a movie that Duke and I can watch together.   And it turns into a history lesson or a current events homework.  How?  Here you go.

Billy Zane– an actor.  He is an actor in Tombstone.  He has also played in numerous other movies.  Maybe even in one of the biggest movies of all time.

Val Kilmer–it is hard for kids like Duke to understand how big of a star Val Kilmer was back in the late 80s and early 90s.  I remember a cool flick called Real Genius.  Also Willow.  He was so big, they cast him as Batman.    Oh well.  However, his role as Doc Holliday is legendary.  Maybe, even historical.  Classic role.

Sam Elliott–he was recently in Oklahoma at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.  One of the great voices of all time.  The Sacketts to the Big Lebowski and my favorite role of his was in Road House and he will forever more be the voice of “Beef–It’s whats for dinner”.  At least in my mind.

Speaking of voices–the narrator for Tombstone is Robert Mitchum.  RUSM?!  They had Robert Mitchum do the narration but NOT play in the movie.

Charlton Hesston–he plays in the movie.  But, JEEMINY , this is the voice of Moses, played the iconic role of Ben-Hur as well as “Damn dirty apes.”   He was the voice and face of the NRA.  This guy was a man’s man for 50 plus years.  And he just had a side role in this flick as Charles Goodnight.

Now, the Dragon Lady and I have a daughter that can’t tell us what project that she is currently working on.  But, I do know that the director has history with some/or none/ or all of the characters of Tombstone.  I think that I will just sit here and shake my head.

I don’t want to buy any wethers.  I just want to show goats/stock and not worry about politics or dirty pool.  I want to have fun.  I want those that are playing kiss-ass games and dirty pool to……I want the kids to have fun while learning.  Basically, I need to go fishing.

Name a movie about ass-chewings.  Now, name a movie about a greenhouse.  And now, name a movie about myself getting an ass eating about a greenhouse being open for business.  Even though, we did not advertise that we would be open until next week.  But, I met a person there today.  Guess what they bought? Two sweet potato vine.  2.  The inside of my glasses was like a terminator, complete with info scrolling on the inside of the visual.

And now, refer to the topic actor.  Name a movie that was unsinkable, at the box office.  No, that director did not attend a college in Lawton…. but.






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