Its pretty dry all across OK, KS and Texas. The panhandles are by far the worst. Being this dry makes it hard to track any animals. Even the best trackers haven’t been able to spot any tracks around Beaver for an older, lumbering mammal that limps on one leg. Suspiciously, though, some tracks that fit this beast have been noted in the Hill Country of Texas. Don’t know if this one is hunting hogs or goats.

I spend a lot of time on the road. Not just chasing livestock, but work related also. I listen to a lot of Xm radio in the pickup. There is an iPod that constantly plays in the barn and I normally have earphones going at a show. I listen to a wide variety of music. A large percentage of the time, it is some kind of 80s rock that is playing. Some of these bands got labeled as “hair bands” but they actually made some really good music that is still being played by kids today. There was some under-rated bands. Ratt, Winger, Tesla and Cinderella all made some really good music.

What’s it going to be? There is this one doe that is going to kid sometime in 2012 at our place. Don’t know when she got bred, but she obviously is. We are to the point that it is going to be out of one of two different bucks. Either one will work. The doe raised the grand wether at Enid in 2011, so it could be interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see. We are going on vacation in mid-July, so I am betting she will wait until then.

Well, fire up some 80s tunes and get in a good mood as tomorrow is a holiday. Good Day.

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