That is how the rain came last night. Sideways. Right at 3″ in under 30 minutes starting at 2:03 a.m. Rain coming that hard, that fast accompanied by 50 mile per hour winds out of the south means I had a lot of wet goats this morning. The walls under the lean to were wet 6′ high. The running water cut a new channel and diverted the runoff right into the west doors of the barn. So the barn was flooded, the lean to was wet, the sheds were wet. Water in feeders. Goats don’t like to be wet. A morning like this illustrates the value of tremendous facilities. Ours are very functional and are better than most, but the next set of barns will be different.

Obviously, I am in a great mood to start this saturday morning. On top of this, today is my Saturday off from work, but I’m going in anyways to fix some problems. Since I’m going that way, I’m going to deliver some goats.

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