This blog is dedicated to Tory B.  He, much like myself, is short in stature and short on intelligience.  He says that he has ADD and has a hard time reading long blogs.  So this one will be short.  After seeing the feed bill that you left me, I wish you would have mailed it (the bill, not the feed).  At least you would have had to pay for a stamp and keep the US post office in business another day.

       As for the under-rated post earlier this week.  Yes, I agree that Don Williams is under-rated. “Lord, I hope this day is good.”  All time classic song.  

It’s Friday night.  I’m well behaved on this fine evening.  Here’s to hoping that somebody, somewhere is having more fun than I am.  Troy B, I hope you don’t hear anybody’s name on a police scanner on this Friday evening that you recognize.