I can get attached to a piece of clothing. I have several pairs of camo shorts that Tammy would like to throw away. It’s hard to get rid of a good fitting pair of shoes or a hat that just feels right. But I’m not on TV.

Duke and I enjoy watching Swamp People. Troy Landry is probably everyone’s favorite gator hunter. But how bad is that shirt that he has worn gator fishing on every episode. I know it is his lucky shirt, but it can’t be lucky every day. I did a search on it and there is even a facebook page for his shirt. This is not a shirt worn to a climate controlled office, but instead in the swamp and wrestling gators and maybe worse, handling the bait that he uses. I guess whatever works for him.


We have one bottle baby on feed. “Fred” is the Dragon Lady’s. If you ever have to feed bottle babies, make sure you use Doe’s Match milk replacer. It is the best stuff out there for bottle babies.

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