Saturday Night

     We caught a snow here in paradise.  Big, white flakes of wet snow.  But, then it quit. We’ll take what we can get.  I’ve been getting caught up on my movie watching.  I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Tammy and Frozen.   All were really good.  I had heard so much about Frozen that my expectations were really high.  It was a great movie but it wasn’t the best Disney movie ever.  That title still belongs to the Lion King. 

      How about the fat guy touchdown and then the end of game reception and run in the Okie State game?  Makes you like college athletics when you see plays like those.

      Make sure you’ve got plenty of hay, mineral and shelter for your does.  Show goats need layers of blankets, hot boxes, fresh water and exercise.  Make sure you check your show goats for fungus and fleas.