Made a trip to the state north of Oklahoma.  No ice until I got north of Fargo about 2 miles, then it was icy all the way to the state line.  Then, clear, all the way until I came back south.  The ice line was the state line.  It wasn’t a fun day to be outside.  Cold, but that dang wind made it brutal.

Got a text early this morning that Gary Cramblet had passed away.  He fought the good fight till the end.  LOTS and LOTS of livestock stories that are tied to that dude.  Prayers for his family.  I think it would be cool if a Cramblet goat happened to hit a lick this spring at a major show.

There is never a “slow” time of year at a busy FFA chapter, but the really busy time has begun.  Sometimes, its hard to weigh the needs of a few livestock exhibitors against the needs of a 100 plus students that don’t show stock.  Priorities have to be weighed and handled.  Thank goodness I have help on both ends to keep things going right.

Really dry air right now.  So, it is a struggle to keep calves from rubbing.  This also means it is a prime time of year for fleas on goats.  Spray huts, blankets and the goats with flea spray.  Otherwise, they will be rubbing hair and hide.  And goats don’t re-grow hair like a calf.

There is a lot of hocus mocus stuff on the market advertised to “grow” hair.  Some products will work on certain animals, others don’t do much at all but none of them will ever replace proper care and hard work.  A blower, some water and time always seems to work.

The Dragon Lady got me to sit down and watch some America’s Got Talent champions edition show.  Cool.  Wait, what?!  That chick is how old?   JEEMINY this Courtney Hadwin sounds like a cross between Steven Tyler and Aretha Franklin.  Dang dudes!  I would pay to watch her in concert right now.  That Simon cat is grinning because he probably already has her signed.

I am really happy that we are not dealing with kidding does now, or for the next couple of months.  I/We made decisions last summer and I have stuck with them.  So far, I feel smart.

Stay warm.  Make sure the stock gets a good drink of fresh water.  Work hard.  Have a good one.


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