Homecoming at OSU is today.  I stayed home.  Tammy and Duke went to visit Kela, but I went to work instead.  Then I’m going to haul some small alfalfa bales and stick them in the barn.  Those things aren’t cheap anymore, but I’m glad to have them. 

     Last night was interesting.  The Dragon Lady was in Stillwater, Big Bill’s wife was gone, Tyke’s wife was gone and little brother Daniel wasn’t tied down.  We met up at Bill’s house and watched the chef at work.  I witnessed a lot of different cooking devices.  Smoker grill, oven, microwave, a bowl from 1957, a hairdryer, a plate and no utensils.  There was chips and dips, steaks, crablegs, sausage on a stick, cookies and yes, maybe a beverage or two.  We were actually well behaved.  But Daniel, Bill and I were thoroughly disgusted when we realized Tyke has never seen possibly the greatest movie ever made, “Blazing Saddles”.  We will soon remedy that problem.  Even though Tyke hasn’t seen the movie yet, he has now heard and seen all of the lines re-enacted.  He won’t be disappointed when he does see it.

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