Tyke and I made it to the Helm’s sale today. I bid on some really good goats. I didn’t get ’em bought on my budget, but those wethers went to really good homes in OK and TX. Tyke bought a doe kid for a very reasonable amount. I thought she would cost way more than she did, but glad Tyke got her bought. Tyke actually has a budget that he sticks to, unlike myself.

I have a million miles logged studying livestock, cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, etc. The best part of chasing livestock is the people. I have always enjoyed dealing with Kenneth and Joe Ed Helms. If you have never ventured out to their piece of paradise, then you need to make it a point to go to Quitiquae/ Turkey, or as it is known there, the Vallley. These are really good people that just happen to raise really good goats. They also happen to have really good food.

On a Helms’ note, I recently heard that it is hard to order ICE in Omaha with a Texas Panhandle accent.

Got back to my little dried up piece of paradise and had to catch Joe Dirt. From the time I drove down the lane and saw him looking through the fence, until I got to the barn and realized that he went over the fence, he marked three does. Can’t blame him. Just pissed at him. Seven years of raising goats and only had a buck get through/over a fence twice. Just happened to be the same buck twice in just a couple of days. He must be a KELLN.

When I was a kid, there were only four channels on the tv. As Foxworthy says, “You’re night was screwed if the president was on.” I am not a professional sports nut. I like the St. Louis Cardinals and I respect the abilities of the people that I watch on sportscenter. I enjoy college athletics, especially OSU. However, I turned the BOOB TUBE ( when was the last time you heard it called a boob tube) on tonight and there was the NFL hall of fame inductions. So, I watched it for a while. Way better speeches, with passion, than that S%!t that anybody in our government can spew. I enjoyed watching Shannon Sharpe talk about his agricultural uprbringing and his family. Your own president can’t touch our athlete’s approval ratings. Maybe our govenment officials need to take note. Produce in action and people will approve. Otherwise, we will cut you, trade you or just not vote for you. Seems easy to me. Unfortunately, we pay our athlete’s and politicians way too much. Pay teachers and priests more and our world will get better. Just my opinion, which means that it is right. Good night and GOD bless.


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