Sales, goats & holy jeeminy, I need more $

     Made it to Norman on Friday night to do what I like to do.  Look at good stock, have a beverage or 12, eat a good steak and hang out with the cool kids.  Throw in a bunch of tornasty refugee dogs at the fairgrounds, and well, if only we would have had a dog whistle during the sale.  That might have been fun.  Anyways, we had fun.  Saturday brought a good sale.  Ralph, Steve and Helms brought a nice set of goats.  There will be premium sale wethers that sold in this sale.  The doe kids seemed cheap to me.  I should have been a buyer, but, I don’t need any more does around this place.  

     Saturday evening brought an exciting new sale at Newcastle.  The Hardin family decided to bring a big dog for public offering.  Where this goat was good, he was WAY good.  He brought a nifty $27K.  I’m glad he is going to texas.  Congrats to the Hardin family.  Good people, raising good goats and having a good time.  Oh, did I mention that their crew was grilling up some killer good fajitas?  

     Spent Sunday sorting goats at the Kelln Kompound.  It was a productive day.  Right up until I lost a $100 bet to Tyke.  I paid up, but I canNOT believe I lost a bet to Tyke.  

Stay flexible, but not limp.