It looks like the bar has raised for online sales.  I looked at the reuslts of that California sale earlier this week and I looked at the TX doe sale for next week.  Well presented animals, properly photographed and with good write ups.  My hat’s off to those crews for doing their homework on how to do an online sale.  

     Schneberger’s aren’t fitted up, but the goats read honest and have genetics to match.  Those goats will feed and should sell well.  Did I mention that the Schneberger’s raised the grand at the KS state fair a year ago and last year’s OYE grand wether?  It looks to me like he is getting ready to screw up and sell some doe kids that he probably ought to keep.  But, you can’t keep ’em all.  Sometimes a breeder just gets sick of writing checks and decides to cash one.  

     As far as the krew at Kelln Livestock, we are sure when we might sell some of these.  We aren’t going to sell anything until after OYE.  Unless, someone wants to show up, take a look and make an acceptable offer.  Otherwise, I don’t have time to clip, shear, photo or get the animals ready to sell online.  Between work and trying to get goats ready to go show the next several weeks, I just don’t have time to get a sale ready.  I am really pleased with this set of goats, but I just don’t have the time to get them properly presented.  I’m planning on selling these online with write ups and pictures.  There are several buck prospects that will be offered, a set of does that will show that I am retarded and several wethers that will play anywhere. 

      An another note, has anybody else noticed that WIND is a four letter word?  It was brutal today.