It can be hard to decide when and how to sell a show animal.  There are two concerns–1)  As a breeder, you want to get your animals into the hands of people that will work at trying to make an animal look their best.  2)  You would like to maximize income.  Ideally, you could do both, but not always.  Personally, I would rather take $2,000 for a wether and get him into a really good home instead of getting $5,000 from some place that is going to half-ass one and not do it right.  

     I’ve got a set of March born Rainman kids that look good.  I’ve got another set of wethers that will be ready to sell next week.  Do I put them all online, pick and choose who gets what or just have an open door private treaty sale?  Then, how do you decide who gets what?  Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.  If this was my livelihood, I would be trying to maximize income and all would be available at auction.  But, at this point, it is to cash-flow this operation and put good goats into good hands.  

     Doe kids–that is easy.  I’m keeping most of this set of kids, but will probably part with 1 or 2 of them that are twins/triplets as well as a buck prospect later this month.