Sale Barn

Sometimes, it feels better to haul a couple of turds off as opposed to selling some high dollar goats.  Piece of mind is worth a lot.  So, I finally found time when a sale barn is open to haul some crapper goats from my house and several others.

Last week, a middle school kid hit me up, and said, “Mr. Kelln, I need to sell Bodie and Utah.”  Good, it’s about time was my thoughts.

This boy got this first show doe four years ago.  After the doe was done showing, his grandpa borrowed a buck from a buddy and bred this doe.  I had planned on breeding her to one of our bucks but it was too late.  She had twin buck kids.   The boy didn’t want me to “hurt” them, so they didn’t get banded and they didn’t get horns burnt.  He named them Bodie and Utah.  Yes, he likes the original Point Break movie.

Now, he had a pair of 2 year old bucks and no does.  I asked him what made him decide to sell them.  This seventh grade boy told me, “They need to go somewhere to find some ladies because it is un-natural what they do to each other.”

He rode with me to Dodge City to the sale barn.  You couldn’t have two more opposite mind sets.  I am old and crusty and could have cared less about the goats that I had in the trailer.  I just wanted them gone.  He liked his goats, they were his friends but he knew that they had to go somewhere else.  When we drove off from the load out, he got really quiet which is not like him.  I asked him if he wanted to go find some lunch.  NO.  Which is not like him.  I noticed him quietly shed a tear or two.  He took a deep breath and changed his mind about eating.

A couple of Arby’s roast beef sandwiches later and he was getting back to normal.  About 3o minutes later, he said, “Mr. Kelln, I hope that one of the workers accidentally forgets to close a gate and Bodie and Utah can get into a pen with a whole bunch of does and they can have fun.”

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.

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