Rumour Has It

     I drove home from from Kansas City on Saturday.  I was informed that Seelke’s were bringing a doe on Sunday afternoon to breed to Rumour Has It.  The buck had been acting like a buck for the past month, but I hadn’t put him with anything yet.  I decided to clip him up and have him looking decent–1–so Bob could look at him and feel good about his purchase.  I wanted to hear a “Dad Gum, that sum bitch looks good.  2–Every girl likes a sharp dressed man for a first date.  3–We could also snap a picture of him before he starts looking like a danged old buck.

     Not many people got to see Rumour Has It in real life.  The whole damn world saw his picture when Kenneth put him on facebook when he was little.  But there hadn’t been very many see him since then.  One reason is because of the isolation factor of where I live and two, I didn’t want the whole world putting their paws on him. 

     I’m REAL pleased with him.  Bob is too, as he used Dad Gum and several other terms to describe him.  He has grown well as he weighs a 105 pounds at 6 months without being on a feeder.  He is wide chested, smooth fronted, heavy boned while being the absolute best ribbed goat I have ever handled.  He has that massive 191 three dimensional loin, hip and ass while having the look and balance of the S100 females.  He is way cool to look at and even more impressive when you get your hands on him.  As long as he makes babies that look like him, then it was money well spent.

     Last night, I put two doe kids in with him, one of them was standing and hot to trot.  We’ll find out if she settled or not.  If not, it wasn’t for a lack of trying as he was nailing it left and right. 

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