Reminds me of

I stepped out onto the driveway this evening and I was reminded of my favorite Jerry Jeff Walker song.  It is windy here today and one needs to be aware of that before “Pissing in the Wind”.  My buddy Connely Wade introduced me to Jerry Jeff Walker’s music back in ’89.  Then, while making some friends at the collegiate meats judging contests, I ended up seeing Jerry Jeff in concert in Lubbock, TX.  I even learned NOT to mouth off to the guy running the mechanical bull.  Of course, I learned the hard way.  I did ride that thing, but I did get thrown HARD!  So hard, I didn’t feel it until the next morning.  If my memory serves me right, this event was called PikeFest.  

And speaking of judging, I haven’t been clearing the calendar to judge many shows the past couple of years.  I haven’t had time, but now I am thinking that maybe I need to make time.  I enjoy looking at good stock, watching expert showmanship and seeing new places.  

Speaking of songs, I always liked the band RATT.  Their first big hit was “Round and Round”.  I found humour in the fact that I was farming this weekend and that song came on the iTunes.  I like the song way better than I like going round and round in a tractor.  Although, I am a firm believer that everybody ought to own a green tractor, I still don’t enjoy “farming”.   Parts, parts, parts!    

I’m going to be sore tomorrow as Duke and I hauled a couple hundred small square alfalfa bales today.  I more than kept up with him, but I bet that I will be the one moving slower tomorrow.  We even got the Dragon Lady to drive for us.  Better yet, she cooked for us tonight.  HUGE ribeyes cooked to perfection, baked red taters & fried okra from the garden, mac & cheese, green beans, crossaints and I wonder why I’m getting fat.  Dang it was good!  

Speaking of the Dukester, that is one proud kid of his bred heifers.  Just ask Brandon the Bruce.  Big Brandon asked Duke if he had any good goats to look at.  Duke shrugged and said, “Yeah.  But I’d rather show you my heifers.”  Brandon said, “I’ve just been waiting for an invitation.  Let’s go.”  

Here’s a cheers to my favorite IN goat herder.  I appreciate the dedication and thumbs up-attitude, even while witnessing a train-wreck.  It will work out in the long run.  Every week, I could add a new chapter to “Shit you never heard of before in the goat industry”.  This weekend, well, I’m still just shaking my head.  I don’t even know where to start.

Made it home from picking kids up at OK FFA Alumni Camp.  That is one of the better deals going.  The kids LOVE it.  I get to take another crew of meatheads next week.  Lots of driving, but it will pay off in the long run.  

On a down note, it looks like the late freeze in April zapped the sand plums.  On a high note, we are seeing LOTS of quail pairs and lots of juveniles.  I foresee another big bill at Charlie’s when the Ring clan comes to paradise to chase quail and talk crap.  “I got him!”  I can’t wait!   2016 is only half way over, but that weekend ranks as my favorite of the year.  And people, I’ve had a really good year so far.  That deal was fun.

Heads up, thumbs up and prayers for the Schovanec family as they head down a road that they dang sure weren’t looking for.  It’s times like these that you can be glad that you invested in faith, family, friends and I ain’t got nothing cool to say.  Other than I bet that it all works out!  I like the odds on this bet.  I guarantee you that Carson says that “It will be OK.”  Maybe, we need to move some of those Indian casino machines north of Garber.  

Here’s to hoping that you all had a great day and will have a better tomorrow.  Horseshoes and shamrocks!