“Oohh?!”, said the casual everyday reader of this blog.  “Should I continue?”

And the writer answered, “Yes.  Come on in.  The water is fine.”  

    Yes, we are going to discuss a little religion.  But in typical form, it will be a different side of religion.  And there won’t be a collection plate.  

     I was very fortunate to be raised in a family setting that was/is heavily based on beliefs in GOD, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Roman Catholic is the basis of my beliefs, but I was also exposed to other religious beliefs.  Some were basically the same, while others diverged from the beaten path.  The Dragon Lady is Baptist.  Both kids are a little off, but that has more to do with genetics than religious up-bringing.  They both know the path and understand that none of us are perfect.  

     I’m not exactly the text book Catholic servant of the Lord.  Just ask my Mom.  She prays for me, but she also doesn’t necessarily worry about me.  I’m not easily shaken from my beliefs.  I’m right and you are entitled to your opinion(s), even if you are wrong.  

     Now, let’s get to the serious part of tonight’s blog.  It involves a side, as in a side of pork.  Oh yeah!  I love me some pork products.  I’m like Ickey Woods in the Geico commercials,  “OOH YEAH!  I’m gonna get some cold cuts!”  Do a little Ickey Shuffle and then get ya some.  The Dragon Lady didn’t have anything laid out for supper.  But she knew that Duke and I needed some vittles.  I bet him that we would eat breakfast for supper.  He wouldn’t bet on it.  We were both right.  Yes!! Pork products.  Link sausage, peppered bacon, hickory smoked bacon along with scrambled eggs and french toast.  Jackpot!

      Now, here’s where it gets religious. It’s a pretty short line in my family tree that links me (get it, links) to the Seventh Day Adventist faith.  I don’t have a problem with the people of this faith, other than that they don’t eat pork.  I couldn’t do it.  I need some bacon, sausage, pork burgers, chops & RIBS from time to time, as the need arises.  

      Jewish–I don’t know any Jews.  I have respect for their faith.  They are strong in their beliefs.  They may be right.  I’m not arguing.  I just like to eat some pig.  I’m glad they don’t.  More for me.  

      Muslims–There is a lot about that religion that I don’t agree with. And eating a pig is a few lines from the top of the list.  Radicals?  Sure.  The whole not eating pork seems radical, but that doesn’t even begin to touch the whole “radical” muslim ideals.  Don’t even try to talk to me about not all muslims are radical.  I believe you.  Get rid of the ones that are?  

      Hindu–They don’t eat beef.  WHHAAT????  Now, that is scary radical in my books.  I like a pig on a plate, but there is a reason that BEEF is king.  

Which brings us to the caprine side of meat production.  Yes, goats.  The most eaten meat in the world is goat meat.  Look it up.  Caprine, cheval, cabrito, etc.  No religion has anything against eating a goat.  Roasts, smoked, jerky, stewed, ground, grilled, etc,etc.  No worries about breaking a religious law if you eat some goat.  

     Now, I have on occasion noticed that there is a religious tone to raising goats.  I, for one, have been known to break a commandment or two when dealing goats.  I might have been known to use GOD’s name in vain.  I apologize.  

      Here’s what I do know….there is a GOD.  We all have a chance to make somebody elses life better.  Pork tastes good.  

Have a good one today and a better one tomorrow.