This stuff is not an opinion….it is fact!

In 1920, there were roughly 2 billion people on this planet.  Of those 2 billion people, roughly 20+% were full-time farmers/ranchers.  Almost 80% of the population were hungry and/or living in poverty.

In 2020, there is over 7.6 billion people on this planet.  In the United States, less than 2% of the population are full-time farmers/ranchers.  There are MORE people in prisons than there are full-time farmers/ranchers.  AND only 10% of the population are hungry and/or living in poverty.

Now, combine those stats with the fact that we have less arable ground.  Did the Earth shrink?  NO!  But we have less ground to farm or graze.  Why?   Baseball fields, softball fields, football fields, golf courses, urbanization, cemeteries, truck stops, quick stops, etc.    How about roads?   EVERY dirt road and black top road is prime farm ground.  Think about it!   We don’t build roads on crappy ground.

So…. we have fewer acres to grow crops/livestock AND have a $h!tload more people to feed.  Yet, we have the SAFEST and most abundant food supply that the world has ever seen.  We produce enough food to feed every person on this planet.  Why don’t we?  Economics and politics are the two limiting factors.

I know, at this point, you media savvy tards are now thinking about e. coli, salmonella, etc, outbreaks.  You know what?  You dip$h!ts weren’t thinking about that when you walked up to a McDonald’s counter and ordered your normal meal deal.  You truly ARE NOT worried about getting sick from your food!  It can happen …..But you weren’t worried about it when you ordered from a taco wagon or a fast food window.


“If you have a full belly, you have lots of problems.  If you are hungry, you only have one problem.”


I had a crappy weekend dealing with goats.  But, I am in a good humor and hope that you are as well.

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