I spent this morning loading small square bales of alfalfa hay.  Really high quality stuff.  As I was stacking hay on the trailer, a neighbor pulled into the field with a New Holland stack wagon and began loading and stacking bales.  And thanks to a Bob May podcast, all I could think about was, “What in the hell is a harrow bed?”  Other than Bob, I have never heard these machines called a harrow bed.

       If you are in the midwest and having to pay more than $10 or 12 dollars a bale for small squares of alfalfa, you are paying too much.  Unless you only need a handful, then it really doesn’t matter what it costs.  

       So I kept a buck this spring out of the Pickup Man AI deal.  He had a really good Executive mother.  I won’t say he was the best one but he was dang sure the trendiest one of the bunch.  Extremely hairy, excellent bone, chunky and square made.  I called him Camouflage Lingerie.  I like that name.  This one was really good.  And I can prove it without a picture or a video.  Here we go.

      I let Carl Mize come get him to breed for some fall kids.  And then Pullan got him.  Pullan called one Sunday morning, “Uhhh.  Somethings wrong this buck.  I was filling a water tank and watching him screw a doe.  He nutted and fell off.   And well, he hasn’t got back up.”  Let’s just add this to the list of stuff in the goat industry that I have never heard of before.  

      The vet got there, temped him and it wasn’t good.  They took him into the vet clinic and his body temp had dropped more.  His systems were shutting down.  Some kind of brain aneurysm.  Of course he died.  He obviously had to be damn good since he died early.  The common bastards live forever.  I told you that I could prove it.

       Carl got his does blood tested and none of them settled.  Pullan tested the 5 that had been covered.  4 of the 5 were bred.  Including the one that the buck made his last ride on.  

         I know, I know.  What a way to go out!  


Stay cool and have a good one.  

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