On the top of the Kelln Livestock blog page it says “the place to learn about the happenings at Kelln Livestock and random Kelln thoughts.”

This blog is a edited/censored version of the happenings around this piece of paradise.  And the thoughts that make it into this blog are not near as random as the crap that rolls around through my brain.  For instance, I don’t put much personal stuff on here.  I also don’t put much controversial stuff on here.  Some just take offense to some of this crap.  If you know me, then you can read this and add the “flair” that comes from knowing how I talk and act.  It adds to the humour.  If you really want to be offended, come listen to the real life version.  It must be fun, as there are a lot of repeat customers.  I also don’t put much work related info on this blog.  BUT that might change!

     I don’t care what business you are in….it is hard to find good help.  I try to collect mechanics like I do good goats.  If you see one that MIGHT work, buy it.  You can NEVER have too many good ones–goats, mechanics or help.  I offered a guy a job today that drives a lime-green car, has tats on his legs and has those wierd ear holes in his ear lobes.  I don’t care.  Basically, I care about work ethic and a desire to perform a “job well done”.  I could care less if they have a driver’s license, a bit of a police record, walk on one leg or maybe they are an ou fan.   Well, crap, I already have several that fit at least one of those criteria.  If he/she will work, I will pay them and keep ’em busy.  It’s kind of like a parrot mouth goat with twisted ears or a doe kid with fish teats.  Yeah, it’s not the desired, but it might be good enough.  And let’s get serious here.  Do you really care what your mechanic looks like as long as your equipment runs right when they are done?  Kind of like a surgeon with bad bedside manners.  Do you really care if they are an arrogant bastard if they are really good at their job?  I’d rather have an overly confident doctor cutting on me that KNOWS he/she will do it right. Then send in doctors and nurses with good bedside manners.  That’s what I’m talking about.  

     Some nights, you just don’t need a beer or twelve.  Maybe just a glass with ice, a splash of water and some tan sack.  Take the edge off, kick back and watch the wife paint the mud room.  

     Speaking of tan….Do you know what a chick with tan lines and a chicken have in common?  The white parts are the best.

Now really, that isn’t random or bi-polar.  Rough couple of weeks at work, crown reserve in a tan sack, tan lines, chickens.  Just connect the dots.  Straight lines.  

     Wormed goats last night, trying to get everything ready to sell on Monday.  I’m not ready, but I am ready to get to this sale.  I need to fill orders and Monday is going to be the day.  I’ve got ear tags written down in my mind and some of these goats need to get new loving homes.  Some might just stay here if they don’t bring more than 5 or 6 hundred.  Okay, maybe add a digit.  

      The quality is going to be good.  It will be a nice set of does and wethers.  

It seems to me like a person that is wanting to go to the Lone Star Elite Jackpot might want to get serious about booking motel rooms.  

Saw a post of Norm Peterson quotes this evening.  He is one of my all-time favorite tv characters.  

Sunday evening–Kelln Kompound–food, fellowship, something to drink for everybody, maybe some stories.  

Monday–Best of the West sale at Woodward, OK.  Top shelf goats.  Better people.  

     Speaking of random, I had a visit at the store this afternoon from a true livestock enthusiast.  I hadn’t seen him in several years, but none other than Mark Nickelson showed up.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Mark.  Those that know Mark are chuckling as they read this.  He knows a good animal, knows a good time and there is always a story.  My kind of deal.  I look forward to the day (or evening) that I can sit and share a beverage (tea, pepsi, whatever) with Mark Nickelson, Monte Sharp and Fred Urban.  If Paul Childers could also be there, then that would be grand.  Those guys know livestock and they know how to have a good time.