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The ending credits of the Deadpool movie are kind of different and fun to watch.  Wildly inappropriate but fun.  Of course, that entire movie is inappropriate and fun to watch.

It really burns my butt that a 2nd time doe can’t have kids on her own.  She had triples the first time (2 large ones and a wittle bitty one).  But no, this time around, one of them gets its head backward and plugs up the whole system.  I hate dealing with does.

I went in to Academy today.  I needed a volleyball and a volleyball net.  I quickly found the volleyballs.  And the soccer balls and basketballs.  But no volleyball net.  The basketball nets & goals as well as the soccer balls & goals were right there on the same aisle with the soccer balls, basketballs and volleyballs.  But no volleyball net.  I was going to just leave the store.  But I decided to ask a somewhat live body at the front desk.  He knew that there was volleyball nets somewhere, but not sure where.

Then the manager came by.  He led me right to the aisle with the volleyball nets.  At the opposite part of the store.  On the aisle with horseshoes, croquet and yes, volleyball nets.  But no volleyballs.

I would understand IF all of the volleyball stuff was on the lawn toys aisle.  OR if all of the volleyball stuff was on the ball aisle.  BUT…..

It keeps teasing us with a bit of rain.  West of us about 25 miles got a pile of rain.  But not here.  However, we got an ass-load of wind.  I mean a bunch of wind.  In fact, Sunday morning, we lost 1/2 of the roof of the old big red barn.  I’m going to have to find somebody to replace that because I ain’t crawling up on that tall, steep son-of-a-gun.

Between a new fridge, a new tankless hot water heater and now a barn roof, I am getting sick of spending money on repairs.

Does Atwoods even make an effort to stock anything of decent quality anymore?

Yesterday, the PlasmaCam at school crapped the bed.  It wouldn’t work.  I hate calling PlasmaCam customer support as they have no people skills at all.  I also don’t think that they like it when I call them either.  Their owner’s manual might as well be written in Chinese as hard as it is to read.  But, call I did.

I had already checked every wire, restarted the system, everything that I could think of.  Guess what?  My software is out-of-date so they can’t answer questions.  The jackwads can’t, actually WON’T even answer if the new software will fix the problem.  “Sir, your software is not updated, we won’t provide customer support.”  So, that guy took an ass-chewing because I know of several others that have had the same or similar problem(s).  All he had to do was tell me that by spending $1,995 on a software update that my problem would be fixed.  But NOOOO!

So, I asked what the new software will do to improve the machine if I bought it?  He proceeded to tell me how great the new software update is.  So, I told him that I recently–accidentally installed the software update on my iPhone and that I have a lot more faith in the Apple Company than I do the people at PlasmaCam.  And that software update sucks!   There is stuff on my phone that I do NOT want, need or know how to run.  He actually laughed and understood.

But now, I have a ran a PlasmaCam with the new software.  So, tomorrow we will spend $1,995 on new software.  And if it doesn’t fix the problem……I don’t think that they will like dealing with me.

I stopped at Freddy’s and get a cheeseburger with fries and that jalapeño dipping sauce.  I felt brave so I also got myself a strawberry and banana custard shake.  It was good.  But the impressive thing was the straw.     This straw had a big circumference.  It wasn’t your typical drink straw.  This thing had some capacity and could move chunks of strawberry and banana through it.  Well done Freddys!

We aren’t done kidding.  But, I am trying to decide if we are going to breed for December kids.  I don’t want any Dec. kids but I feel like we should have some.  I don’t know.  Dealing with does make my head hurt.

I think that I will get up and take a blown hydraulic hose off of a disk.  Deal with does or farming?  It would probably be more enjoyable to take two bricks and smash my nuts in between them.



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