Random Kelln Problems

      Let me preface this post with this statement, “In all honesty, this guy (me) does not have many current problems.  Just a lot of crap that are inconveniences.  Sure, some of it is WAY serious!  But, seriously, compared to the rest of the world, we don’t have any real problems.”  

       Having said that, here’s what we got going on at the present time.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that the nieces were bad ass.  And they are.  However, I mentioned that their grandma was REALLY bad ass!  Well, people….here’s the proof.  Grandma Linda (the mother of the Dragon Lady) had medical experts determine that she had cancer and it was isolated in a kidney.  The medical experts wanted to operate in the “next day or two” in order to remove a kidney.   Couldn’t.  Why?  Grandma Linda had grandkids graduating college and one was getting married in the next couple of weeks.  This surgery will wait.   You can watch all the espn that you want and I do watch it.  But these squat-to-pee nba players needing nights off and having an issue and not playing…..eff that.  This is real world!  A retired, state award-winning teacher postponing a kidney removal surgery in order to attend graduations and a wedding?!  For Real!  People, that is truly BAD ASS!!!   Let’s argue…….I’m waiting…….waiting……waiting……..all I hear is crickets.  That’s what I thought……truly BAD ASS!!!

       There is no doubt that Linda will win this deal.  However, I would appreciate it if you loyal readers fire up a prayer or two.  If you do for her what you did for me and this bad hoof deal…..oh hellll!!!!   Trust you me, I will be posting about that in days to come.  Wonders!   

        Now comes the 1st world problems of Kelln.  For starters, last week the bathtub/shower valve quit working.  So, I tore shit up to get to it and replace it.  No, no.  Time to call a plumber.  Then the sink drains started working slower.  In the rain, I worked to find the septic tank and the clean outs.  Time to call a turd doctor.  So, now I’m getting ready to pay for numerous household items that I wasn’t mentally prepared to have to deal with at this time.  

      I don’t want to gripe about rain but since we laid down 175 acres of triticale; well, we have had 2″.  We’ll take it and deal with it.  That’s why they make hay rakes.  

      I was wanting ou and OSU to both win in the WCWS softball edition.  ou crapped the bed.   I am learning why this fast-pitch softball is becoming a big deal.  Well, I bet they will still have a chance to meet up.  

       And since Tammy is gone helping her mother, I had to take care of the dogs.  The corgiXs are happy to see anybody and everybody.  GARP is pissed that he doesn’t have goats to guard.  And he didn’t want his dog food.  So, I fed him fridge cleanouts.  Dang!!!   He liked the prosciutto rollups that were in the fridge.  But Tammy’s little dog, Winston the Cavapoo, LOVED being on the leash and outside.  I’m not sure if he was eating grass, licking chicken crap or just happy to be outside.  I was happy to be outside, in the sun, no wind and it wasn’t wet.  I just didn’t lick anything. 

      In all seriousness, we all have real problems.  But if you are reading this crap, you are in the top 10% of the wealthiest people on the planet.  What?  Seriously.  We don’t have to worry about the safety of our food.  We have internet capability (some better than others).  We have shelter, food, water, sanitary conditions and wait, what?  Seriously, we can have stock shows.  And weird little dogs.  Yep.  My prostate “felt” smooth and my psa levels were low. Not sure how that tied to the weird little dog.  

      Time for me to go lock the chickens up, take the little dog to crap outside, stretch my right foot and get another one.  Not in that particular order.  

       Here’s to the real struggle that people are enduring.  I truly hope that all of you are better off than I am.  KICK ASS to my favorite mother-in-law!   Horseshoes & Shamrocks!!!!!   You got this!    

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