Random–do it, to it

This blog is supposed to be about random Kelln thoughts.  Let’s do it, to it.  

First, I don’t plan on writing about hard pulls on goats for a while.  Why?  The next doe due after I wrote that post,  I pulled a kid.  Alive, albeit a doe kid.  The next one.  I had to pull the first one.  Lost him.  But, upon pulling that one, the next one presented itself.  I helped him out.  Then thought that I would check to make sure she was done.  NOPE!  I pulled the third one.  Three does, three uses of chains.  The first one was the worst.  I hope that the rest of the kidding season–May-August doesn’t continue like this.  

I have rolled that first pull around in my head, trying to figure out what caused that train wreck.  I keep coming back to how level hipped that doe is.  The kid was big, but I have seen bigger.  Regardless of species, we do not have to make that hook to pin set level.  There is nothing wrong with a bit of slope from front to back.  When you get to thinking, “How in the heck did these things survive on their own?”, just take a look at wild or common goats.  They are not level hipped.  As breeders and evaluators, we need to be mindful of hip set.  It does not need to be level.  Kind of like a game of horseshoes or hand grenades–close is good enough.  

I did not realize that chickens were cheap entertainment.  Tammy has wanted guineas for years.  I have steadfastly said “HAIL NO!!”  So, I bought her some chickens instead.  I got her a mix of Rhode Island Reds, Barred Plymouth Rocks and Buff Orpingtons.  They are good looking chickens.  And no, they haven’t started laying yet.  The value in these chicks is that the Dragon Lady is entertained by these birds.  I think that these birds understand her when she talks to them.  

Speaking of random, I have a job that I didn’t want or plan on doing for very long once I agreed to do it.  But, I have the honor to work with some outstanding kids.  I know that I brag about kids on here fairly regular.  But, it is my blog.  If you don’t like it, then go read somebody elses worthless crap and by the way, I have a donkey for you to kiss.  I am a firm believer in kids and I get to work with great ones.  The Shattuck FFA banquet was last night and it was good (that is me being modest).  We are graduating some great ones.  But like an automatic gun, fire one and another moves into place.  Shattuck is bottom heavy as the younger grades are loaded.  And I don’t mean just in FFA—sports, music, etc.  Basically, I am saying that I get to deal with a bunch of shamrocks. 

The American way of life is supposed to be that the next generation has it better than the previous.  As a whole, this has proven true.  Except for two areas–Government and Cell Phones.  Our current government is not worth 2 squirts of owl crap.  When our choices are Trump and that other recycled, stained toilet wipe…well, it ain’t good.  Cell phones, specifically texting and social media are causing more problems with our youth.  This whole deal of asking for naked pics or sending nudes has me baffled.  Don’t do it.  Kids, if somebody asks or sends pics.  Screen shot it and show an adult.  Do NOT participate. It is that simple.  

Duke is getting to serve some ISS.  That would be In School Suspension.  Rightfully so.  He was warned.  But genetics kicked in.  He didn’t do wrong. It just wasn’t the time or the place to act.  He did not participate in any cell phone antics.  Heck, he only occasionally answers his.  He just didn’t like how somebody else was using theirs.  I am afraid that he is kind of proud of his black eye.  I don’t have a problem with a young person having the nuts to stick up for somebody else.  Our country needs more of it.  I am pleased that he has accepted his punishment and has been forth-right about why he acted like he did.  Tammy is pissed at him.  I’m mad that he didn’t listen.  However, I am glad that he has convictions and is not afraid stick up for others.  It’s actually a good story. On a positive note, Duke has had lots of time to study for upcoming semester tests while he is serving time.   He better take advantage of it.  

It is green, wet and pretty nice here in paradise.  I’ve already tied the horseshoes and shamrocks into this blog.  I hope you had a great one today and a better one tomorrow.  (I just noticed that the word count was 801.  For some reason, that made me hungry for some lobster corndogs.)