I’ve got a rainbow in my breeding pen. This rainbow stretches all across the butt’s of the does. ROY G BIV. All different colors. With this heat melting marker crayons, I have been changing crayons more regular than someone taking metamucil. But at least, the does are cycling. Just more expense and work than I had planned on.

How about this debt ceiling crap? Is there one person left in Washington D.C. that has any common sense? When it comes election time, no incumbent should be re-elected. We need a fresh start and we need to send a message that we are sick of this stuff. With the drought as big and extended as it is, ag products are going to get high. No corn, no beans, fewer cattle equals higher prices. But you watch how these morons handle this next farm bill. It will be a train wreck. They are out of touch with the real world. They don’t care about real problems. They only listen to what is being said as a check is being written to them.

It seems that the only people making money this summer are sale barn owners, air conditioning repairmen and quick stops selling beer and ice. Oh, and vet supply companies selling marking crayons.

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