Rain, Cantaloupes and Mustard

     Got to use my windshield wipers for just a few minutes on Saturday.  We didn’t get anything but a damn sprinkle.  Just enough to clean the windshield.  However, farther east towards Cleo and Enid, they got a dang good rain.  Nowadays, rain is kind of like going to the high school prom,  even if you didn’t get any, you are glad that somebody got some.

     We made it to Susan Litzenberger’s surprise 50th birthday party.  Danielle had organized the event.  It was big fun.  Great weather, good people and good food.  Very well behaved crowd.  We must be getting old.  David was in fine form when we arrived.  He was offering guests his new favorite desertt.  Cantaloupe with mustard on it.  I tried it.  You want to know what it tastes like?  Cantaloupe with mustard on it.  I like cantaloupe and I like mustard, but I probably won’t be making that dish anytime soon.  Knowing Super Dave, I knew that there had to be a story behind this concoction.  There was and it involved a rough night in Vegas.  Typical. 

     I haven’t had time to watch much tv, I haven’t been on the internet much and I don’t read newspapers or listen to local radio very often, therefore I have been dodging a bunch of the political crap that is getting geared up.  Unfortunately, I did a little reading recently about our candidates for President.  I just want to throw up when I think about this clown that is currently in office.  I’m not a big fan of the other one, but definitely a better option than the current joke.  I pray that at least 51% percent of the voters pull their heads out for this election. 


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