Thank GOD!!! Although the rain didn’t extend very far west into the TX panhandle, NW Oklahoma did get a much needed rain. The gauge at my brother’s house SE of Shattuck had over 5.5″ in it yesterday. Had a customer 8 miles west of Woodward had 6.25″. Go just west of Shattuck on the state line and they got about 3″, go another 10 miles west of there and they didn’t get any. We had about 3″ here.

This rain filled ponds and creeks are running water again. Maybe Canton Lake will fill back up. With the tornado that crossed the lake last May and left debris in the lake combined with the low water levels caused the tourism to be down considerably at the lake. It needs to fill back up.

We kept does and babies shut up yesterday to keep them as dry as possible. One thing about it, goats don’t like to be wet. No other animal looks as bad wet as a goat.


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