R U $h!tt!ng Me?!

     Hostess is going out of business.  An actual Twinkie has a shelf life longer than the company that makes it?  I don’t eat Hostess products on a daily basis, as I would quickly look like Fat Bastard’s mini-me.  But I won’t eat any other brand of powdered donut.  I like a Twinkie and a chocolate cupcake on occasion.  But how can an iconic company like that not make it?

     The company was fighting with a labor union about salaries.  Instead of fighting anymore, they are closing the doors.  Now those people will be unemployed.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  Personall, I would rather have a job and no raise, than no job at all.  Hhmm, wonder who those people voted for in the presidential election?

    I am sure that somebody will buy the rights to continue the production of Twinkies and the rest of the healthy products that Hostess has made for most of a century.  Nonetheless, I am eating a Twinkie right now just in case this is the end.

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