Questions to ponder



Why do the heat lamps in the pens with the not-as-good goats always work, but the heat lamp in the pens with the really good goats always seem to have problems, even though you swap them, put new bulbs, buy new high $ premier heat lamps, etc?


Why do the little goats with the mothers that don’t milk as good always follow their moms around like they are little crack addicts and won’t be easily grafted to a dairy doe but the kids with heavy milking moms will gladly nurse anybody?


What in the heck is up with this weather?  It’s April.  C’MON!!


Why can some places make good tater tots, but others flat out can’t?


Why do they have to make new technology so hard?  I will gladly trade phones and pay for the upgrade to whatever dang iPhone they now have, but it takes a day of my time in order for them to swap phones.  Plus, I will lose some of the info, pictures, songs, notes, etc. that I have stored on my current iPhone.  Plus, I then have to spend several hundred to buy new chargers & other accessories.  At least John Deere takes trade ins on their older equipment.  Apple–NOOO!!  No trade ins, no jewing, no rebates–just price gouging and they know that they have you by the short and curlies.  Buy a new phone, OUCH!! That hurts like a crazy chick pulling your underarm hair. I would love to still have just a bag phone.  No internet, no texting, no camera, no maps, no apps…but I had a signal.  Of course, you couldn’t take a bag phone into the john and read the word of the day while sitting on the throne.  


Why would people drive 800 miles to buy a $300 animal?   Wouldn’t it be cheaper to spend $600 on one within a 100 miles of home?


Why doesn’t every show animal breeder give a good feeder/shower discount?  If you are up & coming, then get them to the hands of a successful feeder without trying to hold them hostage.  If you are established, then this only helps to keep the legend growing.