I don’t understand the proper protocol of this facebook crap.  Who do you friend request?  Who do you confirm?  What’s appropriate?  I guess that I will do this deal like I have done everything else in my life.  I’ll do it until I screw it up and then I’ll fix it and not do that same mistake again.  It’s a little bit scary when you confirm or friend request and that person immediateley responds.  I understand a smart phone, but it is almost like Peyton Manning waiting on a reciever to come open.  It seems like they were….wait, wait, …waiting, here it comes, YES.  Confirm.  Touchdown.

       Speaking of protocol.  It should be a law that if you call somebody and they don’t answer and then you text them “CALL ME”.  It better be dang important.  “Call me when you get a chance” takes the urgency out of the call then text.  There ought to be some kind of protocol regarding this kind of instance.  

      It ought to be protocol of weathermen in a major metropolitan area to give the weather forecast for the entire state OR just punt and be honest with the outliers.  For example, it would be decent of Jed Castles to say “We have a 90% chance of good precipitation in OKC on Saturday.  However, for all of you west of highway 81, you have little or no chance of getting anything other than a butt-load of wind.”  Or just say, “We are likely to get rain in central OK but for those of you in the western counties, it will be like prom night and you most likely won’t get any.”  

     I don’t really care what the weather newspeople say, but I have a customer base that listens, but doesn’t hear.  So therefore, I get a lot of discussions on Wednesday about our high chance of rain.  Then on Thursday, I get the same person telling me how we missed our chances.  I watched the same news channels but I saw/heard it differently.  And, really I just think there are realists, optimists and pessimists.  I sound like a pessimist most of the time, am actually a realist and I really want to be in a good mood like an optimist.  But actually the facts bear me out to be an optimist.  I’m an OSU fan–next year is going to be better.  I deal in agriculture–we are always the next rain away from being in good shape.  We show animals–well if this one isn’t the great one, the next one is.  We raise show animals–this should be the kids we have been trying to make.  

      Most of the time, I come across as a donkey-hole but I truly want to see people succeed.  I would like Kela to come home, but I truly want to see her succeed at chasing her dream(s).  I want Duke to excel at something, but actually I just want him to find his own path and go down that path with proper protocol–whatever path that may be.  I want to help people with their show animals, but actually I just want to watch people get better with their show animals.  I want people to take pictures with their prize winning animals, but I will almost always break protocol and not get in the picture.  Almost always, the picture is better without me.    

      It truly scares me as to what the proper protocol to write this blog is.  I don’t know.  This is an edited version.  I re-type MOST of these blogs as I don’t want to offend, but in the end, actually I really don’t care if I piss somebody off.  Really, the only protocol that I follow on here, is the fact that my mother and my daughter read this stuff.  They read it and go “Ounhh?!  It could have been worse.  He could have written the LIVE version.”  

      Here’s to everybody having a good day.  We are only days, now hours, away from my personal national/religous holiday.  CAN’T WAIT!