Pretty Cool

It was pretty cool, sitting on the couch, watch The Amazing Race with Kela.  It was an episode that was filmed in Seoul, South Korea.  This was an episode that she set up the challenges and produced.  She dispensed info about personalities of the contestants, facts about the city and the inner workings of making reality tv.  It was pretty cool.

But then, the power went off.  For the 2nd night in a row, the wind picked up, lightening lit up the sky and then…no power.  And no rain.  Believe it or not, we could use a bit of a rain.  Yes, I remember it being muddy for quite a while in April and May.

When it goes to thundering and lightning, Sasha the old corgi gets scared.  She usually stays on the back porch during storms.  But not when Kela is home.  Kela put a blanket down for Sasha in the living room.  Sasha lied there while we watched tv.  Then the power went out.  Kela and Tammy went to bed.  I stretched out on the couch.  Sasha just laid there on her blanket.  I happened to take a breath of oxygen but it had been replaced with a vile odor. I breathed short and was just paralyzed by the smell.  I don’t know what that little dog had eaten but it didn’t smell good.  Sasha just laid there, acting like she had done nothing.  It was either her or me and I would have claimed it but I didn’t do it.  It was wicked bad.

Spent Wednesday cruising around this part of the world looking at some of the goats that are selling this weekend.  I have some cool wether prospects, a brutally big ribbed and assed Warthog kid with his nuts intact and a cool doe kid.  Tyke has a pair of 3 Amigo wethers and a doe kid that are dang good.  Sweets are taking a set of Mudslide wethers that are going to feed well.  They have several doe kids that are good.

Sounds like lots of breeders are flushing does right now.  And it sounds like the results are varied.  Typical.  All I know is that I am not flushing anything this summer and I am in a better mood as a result.  Horseshoes and shamrocks to all of you that are flushing does.  You’ll need all the luck that you can get.

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