I spent most of last week hauling a team of livestock judgers.  It was not our best week of marking cards.  Not terrible.  It just could’ve been better.  Are the kids to blame?  Sure.  But the majority of the blame lies with me.  I wasn’t prepared and in turn, I did not have them properly prepared.  

      I’ll be honest.  I did not want to go to the Big 3 Field Days.  We live far enough away that we can’t drive back and forth.  Therefore, we spend a pile of cash on hotels and eating out.  Plus there is a lot of down time which leaves me to thinking about what I could be getting done at home.  I wasn’t mentally ready and I did not work to have the kids ready.  Thus a sub-par showing.  

       Moving forward, I am getting ready for another school year to start.  One week coming up with no “scheduled” school stuff.  Then the next week of summer conference and then the next week brings the start of school.  On purpose, I’ve stayed out of the shop.  I’ve spent time preparing stuff for this year.  I need another day or 3 fishing and then I will be mentally prepared and ready to roll.


       This weekend turned out to be good.  Kela and a friend were getting ready to drive back to California.  They have been at Grand Lake for the past 2 weeks.  They stopped in Friday night and then left early on Saturday.  Since she was driving, I was able to fill her ice chest with home-raised beef and pork.  I feel better knowing she will have some high quality steaks and burgers.  She also took a roll of Blue & Gold sausage.  Can’t go wrong there.  

       Duke also showed up.  With a new Corgi female puppy.  Can’t go wrong there either.  

       I’m prepared for some more of this miserable hot weather.  Combined with the lack of rain, it isn’t always fun to live in western OK.  I realize that some places are worse.  And I pray for them.  

Have a good one! 

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