Position filled

     I’ve got me a new herd manager.  He’s in charge of keeping water tanks full, doctoring goats, sorting goats and helping me.  Basically, Duke now has a paid position. Tammy says that I’m a tight ass, but Duke and I negotiated this deal together.  And for the past couple of weeks, Duke has been a helluva employee.  Whatever title he wants, he can have.  Manager, foreman, herd director, whatever.  

     However, on this 10th day of June, I found his weakness.  He and I planned to go to Waynoka to get our haircuts.   Tammy asked if we could “Please take the vacuum to Darrel to see if he can fix it.”  You see, not only does Darrel Gosney have a set of clippers with a vacuum attached, but he also can fix sweepers.  She left me with this thought, “If he can’t fix it, you’ll have to buy a new one.”  WTH?  I bought this Kirby in 1998 thinking that I would never have to buy another sweeper.  Or at least, I would be old enough that I would be in a home and all I would need is a dust buster.  Anyways, I remembered to load the Kirby in the back seat of my pickup.  

      Made it to Waynoka and Duke got his hair cut first, then myself.  I went to write Darrel a check and asked the date.  Darrel said the “10th”.  I looked at Duke and said, “Hey, it’s your Mimi’s birthday.   Don’t forget to remind me that we need to call and wish her happy birthday. ”  His reply, “Sure.”  

      Got back home this afternoon to work goats and do chores.  I needed something out of the backseat of my pickup.  I then realized that the sweeper was still there.  I hollered at Duke.  “Hey, meathead!  Why didn’t you remind me about the sweeper needing fixed?”  His reply, “What sweeper?”  

“RUSM?!  The sweeper that you rode next to for 50 miles to Waynoka and 50 back.”  

     And about that little remind me about my mom’s birthday.  I remembered about 6 pm that we hadn’t called.  I hit him up.  His reply, “Yeah, I forgot.”

      Nonetheless, we don’t have a fixed Kirby sweeper.  But, we did meet up with Mimi at Gusto’s in Shattuck for supper.  Of course, we were late.  No matter what industry you are in, it is hard to find good help.  And even if you find good help like Duke, just realize that we all have limitations.  

     And on the Duke note, we had some visitors from south Texas.  Their ex-ag teacher is a long-time hog and goat customer.  He sent them up here to pick up some wethers.  10 hour drive to get here.  They needed 2 wethers, but left with 3.  The funny part–this couple had a cute daughter about Duke’s age.  Duke was WAY GOOD at catching and setting up wethers for this family.  I have found his motivation.  

      Here’s to all of you that take time to read this.  I hope you all have a good day and a better tomorrow.  Stay flexible but not limp.