Let me have a whole swarm of wasps, cause this poison oak is BRUTAL!!  I’ve had it before and it was more widespread than this time, but this stuff isn’t fun.  If you haven’t had it, feel blessed.  It isn’t the same as poison ivy.  This is way worse.  I’m past the itching part, now its the oozing blisters.  And you can’t let the ooze touch anything else or it spreads.  It affects your nerves and the pain can be outstanding.  Heat, sweat, movement, etc will irritate it.  In other words, I’m border line worthless until this stuff heals. 

     Taking a shower is an adventure.  When the running water hits my arms, it is an INTENSE, bright white blindling light kind of pain, then an extremely good feeling.  Almost like some kind of wierd S&M kind of deal.  Oh my goodness that hurts but it feels so good.  Speaking of adventure, wiping while trying to avoid all contact is kind of difficult.  Dang sure don’t want any of it on those body parts.  I had a guy tell me to have my wife help me wipe.  I was like, “you’ve got to be kidding me?”  He said, “No.  I had two broken arms at the same time and my wife took care of me.  You’ll find out how much she loves you.”  I didn’t even ask the Dragon Lady for help.  She would just buy me a diaper and a chisel. 

     I watched the Hunger Games movie with Duke and Kela last night.  Pretty good flick.  I can see why those books are so popular.  I doubt that the trilogy is as good as the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.  But I will watch the next two movies.  I probably ought to read the books, but that takes time and that’s something I don’t have much of.

     I’ve kind of been experiencing some hunger games of my own.  Tammy has been busy with painting, unpacking and all of the other BS involved with moving.  Therefore, grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking has NOT been on her radar.  I’ve been fairly creative as to some of the stuff that I have put into the microwave and then into my gut. 

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