I did some plowing.  More than I cared to…but, it is done.  When it comes to farming, I need a tractor to be mechanically sound and I need the AC to work.  I don’t care about the lights or the radio.  Bout 10 this morning, as the sun was starting to shine, the cab started to become a bit uncomfortable.  So, I turned the temp dial down.  No good.  AC was done.

I could see the end, so I plowed on till I was done.  I don’t like farming, but I really don’t like sweating while farming.

My tribe spent the past 3 days at Canton Lake.  I went down Friday night and came home Saturday morning.  I was going to go back on Sat evening, but a couple of does decided to deliver.  So, I stayed home and dealt with them.  There will be writings in the future concerning this weekend of dealing with does.

Farming & does in the same day.  FUN!!   One would think that I got plowed this weekend, but no…..I had too much going on.

I do know this much.  You give me a plate of grilled pork chops, some ranch style beans, fried taters and a croissant with honey……..and dudes, I will plow right through it.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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