Pet Peeves & commercials

There are several things that I don’t like to deal with.  Some would call these pet peeves.

1–People who drive to slow in front of me.

2–Pallets–They are a PITA.  You have to have them, but then they are in the way.


4–Warm beer

5–No orange juice or no tea in the fridge.

6–Stock show animals not presented properly.  Dirty animals, bad clip/shear job, subpar showmanship,crappy judges, etc.

7–Bad politicians.  

8–Radio commercials

9–The DVR kicking on every time “Walking Dead” comes on.  And there was a Walking Dead marathon on this Sunday, including during super bowl commercials.  “Duke! Get your ass in here and shut this crap off!  Now!”


Speaking of super bowl commercials, there were some doozies.  I really liked the ad with the spraytan ad. 

I question the luxury KIA.  It just doesn’t seem right, but the commercial was cool.  

I liked the t-mobile No Contract commercials starring Tim Tebow.  

The Chrysler 200 ad with Bob Dylan was cool and to the point.  RU kidding me?  Bob effing Dylan doing an ad.  “Let the Germans make your beer, the Swiss can build your watches and let the Asians assemble your cell phones.  We WILL build your car.”  I liked it.  This commercial was well-written and to the point, but still cool.  “You can’t fake TRUE COOL.”  I like that line.  But, you can obviously buy true cool.  What did that cost to get Bob Dylan to be the spokesman?  Whatever, it was worth it.  

The king of Super Bowl commercials–Budweiser– with the surprise parade for a returning soldier.   Nobody does super bowls ads like Budweiser.  Classy, touchy and very timely.  We needed a good patriotic commercial after suffering through that POS coke commerical.  I’m all for people coming to America.  But, you sing “America, the beautiful” in english.  They can use all the nationalities that they want in the commercial and I’m fine but that song should be sung in english.   Songs like “America the beautiful, the Star Spangled Banner, Amarillo by Morning and Sweet Child of Mine” should always be done in English.  


My all-time favorite super bowl ads.

10–Streaker as the Bud horses play ball.

9–Two Dalmation puppies seperated at birth.  2 years later they pass–one on a fire truck, the other riding the Bud wagon pulled by the clydesdales.  

8–The volkswagen Darth Vader kid.  Whoever wrote that one was way into Star Wars, much like myself.  I still laugh watching that one.  This one probably needs to be higher.  I’ve re-read this list and this commercial should be about #4 or 5.  I like it.  

7–The Bud clydsdale’s giving the young one a helping nudge.

6–The Bud commercial with the soldiers in the airport and everybody stopping to applaud.  

5–Some Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford.  I don’t remember much about it except Cindy Crawford.  It was 1992.  Duke and I watched it recently and he likes it.  Some things look good no matter what decade it is.

4–Herding cats.  “There ain’t nothing as mean as a half-crazed short hair.”  I don’t remember the computer company that did this one, but the commercial was way good.  

3–The tribute to 9/11 by the Budweiser clydesdales.  Statue of Liberty in the background.  The horses bow and kneel towards where the twin towers used to be.  Nobody understands the super bowl commercial like Budweiser.  It was the highest rated commercial for that year’s super bowl.  Think of the cost to make, produce and buy that space and it was the only time that commercial ever aired.  They didn’t use it to sell beer.  

2–Tobasco.  Simple.  Fat dude sitting on a porch eating pizza with a butt-load of Tobasco on it.  Mosquito bites him, sucks blood and then flies away.  The bug explodes.  I liked that commercial.  I also like Tobasco.  A lot.

1–My favorite.  The Bud clydesdales line up in football formation.  The ball snaps, a horse kicks it and it’s good.  Two cowboys leaning on the fence watching.  One says, “Do they normally do that?”  The other replies, “Nope.  They usually go for two.”  


How about the Miller High Llife ad a year or two ago.  One second.  That’s it. One second long.  The High Life delivery dude standing in front of a stack of Miller High Life and he simply says, “High LIfe.”  One second.  Money well spent.

Think back to the Apple computer commercial.  How about “Where’s the beef?”  “Waaas-uppp?”  There has been some classics.