Over already?

    RUSM?  Summer break is over?  I have to go to teacher meetings tomorrow.  WTF happened?  I thought that I had a job that didn’t h ave summer break.  Wait, I thought I had a job that I set my own breaks.  Don’t answer, I already know who the retard is in this class.

     Oh, well.  I had a really good summer.  Maybe, 2nd best to Bryan Kennedy’s summer( maybe longer) break.  Here’s what I learned.  The garden was great, but needs some more upkeep towards the 1st of August.  Somebody, let things go slack once the taters were dug.  

      California is great (parts) and I will go back as long as my daughter is there.  Otherwise, I’ll just watch the news, as well as the tv shows and movies that are made there.

    I either need a diet, exercise program or need to buy bigger pants. 

    All classes of goat sales are up.  Sale barn–up, doe kids–good to great, wethers–good ones–real good, common–okay, mature does–way up, bucks–the right one, HIGH, good ones, high.  

      Had a really good time selling goats at the Small Town Saturday Afternoon sale south of Perry, OK on the 9th.  Great people, great help, excellent crowd for an August Saturday.  Quality was good, prices were great for buyers.  Some sold high, but there were some bargains.  Hopefully, they went to good feeders.  Thanks to Tommy and Julie Milligan for hosting these sales.  I love the location and they have really good help.  

     The Dragon Lady and I cruised on over to Pfeiffer’s in order to watch that production.  This was a well run production in killer facilities.   If you haven’t been, then you need to.  I didn’t eat a pork chop, but they smelled and looked way good.  

     Now, it’s Sunday night and I’ve had a full day of it.  The end of summer 2014 is near.  We are now working towards the Labor Day sale.  Quality will be up and the stupidity level will be down.  Food, goats,& fellowship will be way good.  

      Here’s to horseshoes and shamrocks and those on the west coast.  Cheers!