About 8 weeks ago, our resident football player broke his wrist in practice.  Okay.  It happens.  Now, I am up to $3,000 in bills.  There was no surgery.  And I have insurance.  I thought that we had good insurance.  I’m pretty sure that a person is better off NOT having health insurance in today’s times.  I know that this is a small amount compared to people that have serious medical issues, but I could have casted his wrist and had a vet do the x-rays and saved about $2,800.  Oh well.  

     It’s a good thing that I joined a club a couple of weeks ago.  This club is saving me some money, so that I can pay medical bills.  I’ve enjoyed watching the commercials for the Dollar Shave Club.  At first, I was hesitant to buy cheaper razors.  I was having visions of cuts, nicks and lots of blood like the old Bic razors used to deliver.  You see, I have sensitive facial skin then you throw in the fact that I have hair like a Berkshire–you know, COARSE.  Therefore, I use an electric shaver to brush hog the bristles and then use a blade with a moisturizing strip to shave.  In other words, I hate shaving.  The only thing worse than shaving, is going about 4 days without shaving.  Then I run the battery down on the electric shaver, and step 2 is to dull a new high $ blade to get it back to skin level.  And I can’t grow a killer good beard, just good stubble.  It doesn’t look good in beard form and the Dragon Lady doesn’t llike it.  And I dang sure don’t want to miss out on that semi-annual chance.  

       Razors are kind of like shoes, chips, pop and beer, buy the good stuff.  I went against personal beliefs and decided to give the club a try.  I am now two weeks into this experiment and I am real sure that the cheap razors are better than the high dollar deals that I was buying.  i also really liked the shave butter sample that they sent with it.  The scary part is that I ordered the mid level razor.  They have a higher priced one.  I just might have to try that out.  Throw in the added benefit that you don’t have to go to Wally World or wherever to buy razors.  Truth in advertisement, the mail brings them to you.  

      Speaking of ouch.  The wind and cold did hit NW OK and it was a bit painful when it hit the skin.  Plus, I remembered how to break ice and bucket water.  The joys and discomforts of agricultural life.