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     It is amazing what kind of stuff that you can find on the internet.  I have actually been researching a topic or two and needed a break from thinking.  Why not check out some other goat websites.  This was interesting?, informational and somewhat depressing.  1–I do a piss poor job of updating winner photos.  2–I get sick of looking at county winners on other websites.  3– It is obvious that sellling semen and flushing does is a valid part of the goat market.  4–I do a piss poor job of flushing does or selling semen on the HIGH quality bucks that we use at Kelln Livestock.  

      A couple of years ago, my baby brother, aka Big D, showed me pics from a website.  No Mom, it wasn’t porn.  Just a bunch of pics that made you look twice.  No thought processes, other than WTH?  I didn’t venture to this site.  Not because I couldn’t remember the address, I just didn’t make myself do it. I refuse to list the address to this site because they aren’t going to give me any promotional considerations.  But you can use the website name as a topping on a baked potato (or is it potatoe?) and it ain’t bacon. I love bacon.

     On occassion, I would look at something that was forwarded from this site.  I would look, laugh or think WTF?  Last week, my old friend Fred sent me several links to look at.  Seeing that Fred was the sender, I knew I had to look.  I also knew that children, nuns and house pets probably shouldn’t be around when I opened these.  It turned out that it was safe, nothing dirty.  Just a pile of pictures of hot women with clothing.  I like looking at hot women in pictures or real life.  If looking is a sin, I’m in trouble.  If you want to accuse me of liking good looking women, consider me guilty.  Anyways, I followed the other links to look at “Stuff you see on public transportation”.  All of your wal-mart freak pictures are on thise.  I also appreciate the fact that the guys that run this site have an affinity for Star Wars and Bill Murray.  I love it.  They also develop anagrams such as KCCO & FLBP.  I had to use Wiki to figure this crap out.

     Really, the only problem I have with this website, is the fact that Milligan or I didn’t come up with the idea.  Shear genius, kind of like Seinfeld.  You don’t have to think about it to enjoy it, just laugh.  

     Speaking of Milligan, goats and websites,  I guess I’m going to have to sell some goat semen one of these days.  Valentine’s day sounds like a good day to sell an item like that.  

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