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I’ve been reading some of the posts on breeder’s world involving the Texas majors and how to handle rule breakers. They have had some people wanting to get CPS involved, ( for you hog heads, that isn’t the Certified Pedigreed Swine, it is Child Protective Services). Somebody else brought up animal rights groups. Without a doubt, we don’t need anything remotely tied to the government brought into stock shows. They have enough problems of their own. If they can’t manage their own problems, why do we want them involved with ours. We have been fairly lucky to not have much animal rights involvement in OK. And we need to keep it that way. We all get frustrated with some of our shows, but if we have any gov’t or animal rights involvement, it will be more screwed up than obama’s checkbook.

Its been kind of interesting to read and relate it back to Oklahoma. I don’t think that we have near the problems here, that they do in Texas. Neither Tulsa or OYE are perfect, but they are not bad shows. We’ve been tested at OYE, Tulsa, Denver, Kansas City and Phoenix with no problems. Phoenix is by far the most aggressive. They pull blood at the ring. I’m all for testing, as long as it is competent people in charge of the procedure and the protocol. It could always be worse, we could deal with Denver year in and year out.

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