I kind of understand the value of an online sale.   I dang sure understand the downsides of an online auction.  They are going to continue to grow in popularity.  Unlike most breeders, I also purchase stuff online & sight unseen–tractors, goats, pigs, cattle, etc.  It is an adventure.  I’ve yet to be screwed, have been somewhat disappointed a time or two and been pleased the rest of the time and the jury is still out on a wether or two.  I may have screwed up tonight.  One, I might have kept bidding on a couple if I had seen them.  Then again, I might not have bid at all if I had seen them.  

     I catch some crap for selling some animals without pics/videos,  but it takes the guess work out of it.  You either trust the breeder or not when you can’t see them.  Mature does–who cares what they look like–what have they produced and what do they match up with?  Those are the questions.  Most mature does that look REALLY good normally don’t raise many live kids and/or milk like crap.  

Guarantees/warranties–Yes!! Right up until they get on your trailer to leave.  I have no control on their care, exposure to other crap, etc, once they leave my place.  I will do everything that is in MY control, but heck, I can’t control if they will raise a live one if they stay at my house.  How can I possibly guarantee what they will do at your place?  

How do I go about buying sight unseen online?

1–wethers–talk to the breeder, study the genetics, glance at the picture.

2–does–genetics, genetics, look at structure.

3–pigs–buy cheap, look at them in real life, buy cheap, maybe have a beverage or three.

4–bucks–see them in real life, talk to the breeder and/or somebody else that has seen them.

5–bulls–see them, see videos, trust the breeder & study genetics.

6–heifers–genetics, look at structure, talk to the breeder.  

It all depends on the price.  The animal is only as good as the breeder.  And sometimes, you just take a risk.  If it doesn’t work, don’t do it again.