Online marketing

       In today’s online, social media world, if you have something to sell, then you MUST have an online presence.  And it needs to be current.  Let me give you a few examples from my personal experience.  

     The dealership in Woodward,OK is a small, but growing store that is a part of an exceptional Deere dealership.  I have a former student that is a really good salesman for our store.  As part of his pay package, he makes sure that every piece of used equipment and select new items at our store are listed on numerous internet sites such as tractorhouse and machinefinder.  Pics, descriptions, prices, etc. are all on these sites.  During the month of January, we have sold equipment to Pennsylvania, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, south Texas, west Texas and a used lawn mower to Illinois.  Next week, we have a customer coming to look at a used 4wd tractor.  We have to make sure that we have an interpreter for him as he is coming from Costa Rica and doesn’t speak English.  RUSM?!  The Del Monte company is flying a guy to Woodward, OK to confirm that this is the tractor that they need.  I only hope that they need me to fly to Costa Rica to do the paperwork.  We’ve shipped tractors to Montana, Mexico and Australia.  All because they found it on the internet.  That old Ebay ad with the LIME green hatch back is dead-nuts on the money.  Somebody, somewhere is looking for a certain deal and if you have it, they are calling.  A card # over the phone or wire the money, schedule a truck and there is a done deal.  

      I know that I seem anti-facebook, but I understand the powers of this form of media.  Four years ago, I banned a couple of employees from posting on facebook during business hours.  With smart phones, there is no way to keep them from checking it during the day–just don’t post anything.  Now, I let one of these “offenders” post specials on facebook.  It’s crazy!  About thanksgiving time, she posted that the new hoodies were in.  A week later and we had to order more hoodies.  

      We are a small breeding operation, but we get calls from all over the U.S. (as do a pile of other breeders with an online presence). Due to a lack of numbers, I rarely have what they are looking for, but I enjoy talking to people when they call.  It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when somebody calls from California, Kentucky, Arizona, Ohio or wherever and asks if you have a Joe Dirt son or a Rainman daughter for sale.  These calls also remind you of your failings.  

       Last summer, Tyke and I agreed to lease Joe Dirt to Kedrick Miller.  As a result of people going to Kedrick’s while Dirt was there, I’ve had numerous calls from people that saw him in person.  What do they always say, “I had never seen a picture of Joe Dirt.  I liked the looks of him.  Why don’t you take a picture and advertise him?”  Well, I can answer that question.  Tyke is borderline retarded, preoccupied, lazy and doesn’t get crap done.  Well, some of that is true.  He hangs with me so I can prove the retardation part which is his father’s fault.  The rest is my fault.  

       I also understand the power of facebook on the check writing end of things.  Helms putting a pic of 2174 on facebook caused me some grief, a quick feeling of “oh crap” and then a pile of cash.  I’m just glad my buddy Bob had a wad of cash burning a hole in his pocket at the time.  As a result, the Rumours came true.  And what would have happened if Bob didn’t want to partner?  Well, I had agreed to terms with Kenneth before I ever called Seelke’s, so I was in way deep considering I’m just a dumb bastard with 40ish does.  Wait that isn’t true.  I didn’t call, I texted Jodi.  I’m tickled that they were as stupid as I was/am.  It’s been fun and the future looks good.  

      If that goat’s pic wouldn’t have been on facebook, there would have only been a limited # of people that knew he existed.   I’m real pleased with the Dec. kids out of him.  The mid-Jan kids are putting me in a good mood.  We’ll see how it goes from here.  

      I’ve still only looked at facebook twice.  But, I understand that I have to change.  Don’t want to.  But that deal is here to stay.  

On another note.  Duke and I have been working on a promotional campaign.  One of my advisors says and I quote, “That is great!.”   The other thinks that “it is a little confrontational”.  He also asked, “Is that a monkey?”  Yes.  Yes, it is.  And I got that monkey in Costa Rica a couple of years ago.